Why website reviews are imperative

In this modern age, searching in the web has become second nature to most of us. With the luxury of Google and other search engines peoples’ ability to locate a website review has become simpler than ever. Reviewing websites & testimonials are imperative for the unparallel growth of your business--sometimes mistakenly overlooked by website owners though.

Search engines use reviews and utilize those as a ranking factor. According to a survey it is revealed that restaurants with 3.5 star rating are 63% more likely to be full than restaurants with 3 star rating. Even the minimal of difference creates a big margin in the output. People want to read good reviews from others before they visit a website. This indicates that we believe what others are saying online that results into more high rated establishments. In the process, website reviews create a feel of safety and trustworthiness about a particular website. With the increasing rate of online scams people have reasons to become skeptical before purchasing through websites. Today consumers want to see positive feedbacks from others before they trust a website, make a purchase from it, sign up for a service or even just to click on the link. In order to extract the best out of website reviews, as a website owner you should encourage people who know you are the best to share their feedback. SRater can be a great means to execute the purpose.

Website reviews help people in many ways. Another survey result could be a good example of how reviews can be beneficial to others. Dimensional Research, an influential research firm establishes that 90% of consumers have been influenced by positive reviews while they are making purchase decision from a particular website. Faster buying decision with less buyer’s remorse saves time & energy. Here the bottom line is website reviews are making the internet world a secure and reliable place.

There are virtually countless of websites active in the World Wide Web. Not all websites provide authentic information, stats or graphs. Even it is not safe to visit all websites as some of those may contain harmful computer viruses and some of those may contain potentially violent content. Through review websites even a fresher can distinguish bad websites from good ones. Reviews get ultimate exposure so websites with positive feedback prominently displayed in each catering search result.

Website review is a perfect way to uphold the brand image of your website just because reviews are displayed when people search for your website by name. On the flipside reviews can give your website an SEO boost. As a consequence, your website will draw more traffic and will get a kick-start promotional inception. In essence, the importance of reviews is an ever increasing process. For websites which are in a quest to penetrate the local and international market with a bang, the efficacy of website reviews is undisputed. While it is essential that you start to realize the value of it, it’s imperative that you initiate your online review portfolio.

SRater is committed to make your online experience scam free, safe & reliable. For trustworthiness of a website SRater is the solution!

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