How To Protect Yourself From Scams

Scams can happen to almost everyone. Some scams are easily spotted but others may appear very much like genuine offers or bargains. Most scams need you to do something to make them work, they need you to undertake some sort of action such as giving away your personal information or something else. Read more for handy tips against scammers and how to stay clear of them.

There are a few golden rules:

There are many more important tips we can give you which will help you deal with scammers. Never open an e-mail without verifying the link on a website such as SRater! Do not e-mail anyone your personal information, and do not choose passwords that are easy to guess, use symbols and random words -- not family members or birthdays. Remember, when choosing a password, length matters over complexity, because the longer the password the harder it is to bruteforce (a way of hacking a password). Click here to report a scam.

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