About SRater.com

Why is the website named SRater?
The answer is simple: SRater stands for SiteRater (as in: website rater). This is because on our website the users can rate and review any website they like. Check out the information below to find out more!

For website users:
SRater is the new website tool created to make internet safe and user friendly.
Have you ever felt scammed?
Did you ever wonder if the websites you are using are safe?
Do you want to be sure the information you get is reliable?
Do you want to help promote trustworthy websites?
SRater is your solution!
Find out what others think of the pages you are visiting. Find about their experiences, their tricks, what to avoid and what to try. Rate and review websites that you have had experiences with and help others have a better time surfing the internet. Do not save your experiences for yourself! Through SRater we expect to help good websites grow and avoid more people being scammed!
Even more reasons can be found here!

For website owners
SRater is the website page you need! Here you can see what others think of your website, what they think you should improve and what you are doing well! By claiming websites you can get access to statistics on your performance from the users point of view, and you can show off with the rest!
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Our team:
Simon Hengeveld is a young Dutch Web Developer currently doing his bachelor in Computer Science in Utrecht. He is comitted to making the internet a safer place for all. The websites he creates are intended to be user friendly and help people enjoy their time surfing the web without having to worry about anything.

Sofia Rosero is a bright student currently doing her Masters in Leiden. She aided this website greatly by selflessly sacrificing her time to help us style and design our website. Without her this website would not be here as it is today.

If you experience problems or want to thank us do not hesitate to email us at: SRater.com@gmail.com