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20-12-15 01:20 GMT Review by Anon

15-06-15 05:22 GMT Review by Sophie

25-05-15 04:07 GMT Review by Phil

Quite alright quality, very cheap products.

25-04-15 03:30 GMT Review by Claire

Good, cheap products. Deliviries take long to arrive though, I guess that's because they come all the way from China.

08-04-15 02:56 GMT Review by Angel Morgan

Good quality products and fast delivery speed.

06-04-15 05:19 GMT Review by Freddy Spacey

Great, small cheap products.

24-03-15 05:51 GMT Review by Pete

I am very displeased with the service of miniinthebox.com. They took very long with mailing the items that I ordered. I won't use them again.

02-03-15 11:53 GMT Review by Anon

A scam. Have to pay tax for anything over 20 euro.

19-02-15 10:10 GMT Review by Gavin Everton

I have read very negative reviews about this website on SRater. Miniinthebox.com is great for small products and gadgets but not so much for expensive products.

06-02-15 03:16 GMT Review by Anon

Good for small orders. However, when you order anything that is more expensive than 20-30$ you will have to pay the custom's taxes. This is something they do not tell you, and because they are shipping from China this will be rather expensive. Be warned!

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