How To Surf The Internet Safely

Surfing the net is part of our day to day. Either for work, for leisure or for both, it is strange the day that we do not sit at a computer or use our mobile to do our searches or queries. But beyond the enormous functionality of the Internet, there is the dark part. Those corners of cyberspace where viruses, fraud, hackers and other Internet risks sneak in .

100% security is difficult, but it is not difficult to introduce a series of practices to avoid fraud in the network . As in so many cases, the best weapon is to be well informed about the most common deception techniques (in this case and without forgetting that the list is extensive and changing) and thus recognize at least what should put us on alert. Bypassing suspicious emails, unsafe executions, or strange applications can lead to real headaches.

We must mark the starting point of our security in the network in ourselves. It consists of something as simple (and at the same time as effective) as being careful with the pages we visit and the files we download.

  • Beware of dubious links or hyperlinks in emails, in chats, on social networks … Where do they lead? Do we know the sender? Are they in a different language? Files attached to an email, for example, can be infected by a Trojan horse or malicious software. Therefore, avoid or verify the download of those files whose origin is not clear.
  • Make sure you have a good antivirus and that the operating system is up to date : System and software updates prevent vulnerabilities and protect your personal identity or your business.
  • Download applications from official sites : Sometimes hackers modify or impersonate popular versions of programs with malicious code. They even use Black Hat SEO techniques to fool Google and place their websites in the top positions. A way to easily catch yourself from the search engine. This is why it is important to always check the link location .
  • Use encrypted websites: To find out if you browse one of them, check the beginning of the URL. Navigation is safe if it is headed by ‘Https’ and has a padlock .
  • Beware of unknown contacts on social networks or chats. It is a way that attackers use to access profiles and, for example, impersonate you or use your data for other malicious purposes.
  • Use strong passwords, of at least 8 characters and made up of uppercase, lowercase and numbers . Keep in mind that if it is simple for you, it will also be for a hacker who will not hesitate to access, for example, your Facebook profile to track the name of your dog, your partner or the day of your anniversary.
  • Don’t trust suspicious forms with sensitive information . They can simulate belonging to a trusted entity for the sole purpose of getting your data.
  • Avoid connecting through an unknown WIFI network. Yes, we’ve all done it – or do – but that doesn’t mean it’s safe or that we can do it lightly. If we do not know who is hiding behind, we can fall into cases of data theft or infection on our device. Check that the WIFI network is the official one of the place and use “private or incognito browsing ” so that the trace of the pages visited is eliminated. And, of course, be careful with making economic transactions from them. You can find real surprises later.

Even so, it is not always possible to avoid suffering cyber attacks. Even large companies have faced unthinkable cyber attacks. We saw it, for example, just a month ago, when the most serious cyberattack of the last decade was conceived, which left millions of users without access for hours to such popular websites as Twitter, Spotify, Amazon or Reddit

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Betterment of picking the right casino

The 4 Types of Casino Gamblers - Which One Are You?

The Internet has made the greatest Revolution in the online casino industry. With regards to getting satisfaction by bringing in cash online Casino that we can assume the best job, generally, an individual can pick the best Online Casino 996mmc or get the best interest to play the gambling game. There are countless casinos accessible that you can decide to bring in cash these days. Nonetheless, one can make a few efforts to choose the best Casino. Each casino website has its strength that you have to sort out. It’s not difficult to pick the best casino website for playing a huge choice of games. 

  • Regardless of whether you need to dominate Gambling matches, is it required to follow the best tips? You ensure you pick the best casino to give reasonable on-going interaction without any questions. Besides, you can look for the best website that gives incredible encounters while play gambling games. Moreover, it can be the correct method to find the best casino online without any issues. Presently, it turns out to be anything but difficult to procure a few favorable circumstances of online casinos
  • As Las Vegas Reopens, a Huge Coronavirus Test for Casinos - The New York Times
  • It is risky to relate to different sorts of online casinos. There are a few casinos accessible that you have to look at while picking the correct alternative. It wouldn’t be an awful alternative to attempt the entirety of the casinos when playing Gambling games. The thing behind picking the best casino is not gathering games; however, you have to think about the prizes, bonuses, or different things. One can pick the best casino website to furnish comfort with an appealing interface. A few websites look incredible; however, you ensure that you pick the correct one. 
  • One more significant thing that you have to see about gambling software is utilized anyplace. Guarantee that you can utilize the software without any planning issues. Every one of these things will help pick the best gambling stage to bring in cash. Presently you can utilize your extra time or gather more cash by utilizing the best online Casino. 
  • The right approach to pick the best gambling website is to investigate on the internet. Besides, you can see surveys that will help pick the best website. Surveys will assist her with looking out for all the positive and negative realities of gaming. You can compare the different audits of different gambling websites. This will help perceive each gambling website or pick the correct one to play the games. Additionally, you can move to the genuine cash choices that will help the presumed casino website

Before start the games, you should learn about all the principles and guidelines of online Casinos. Online Casino has included her by bringing in cash online, or it could be an ideal approach to acquire these days easily. You can bring in cash or withdraw the cash by online Casino. It has the offered number of banking alternatives to pick the suitable to get cash straightforwardly in the financial balance. It’s Paramount to pick the best gambling website that offers good interactivity.


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Exciting Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

For many people, the opposite of boredom is “having fun” or “entertaining.” For me, the opposite of boredom is “learning”, “seeing the world differently”, “surprising myself”, “marveling” or simply “being interested in something”.

I know that not all people are like that, but if this sounds like something that you have thought, I invite you to continue reading.

Do You Want To Know Why You Are Bored?

If you googled cool things to do, maybe you better understand why you feel this way to cure it once and for all.

Being bored is as if your mind is telling you that something is missing (just like thirst is a message that your body is lacking fluids and motivates you to seek water).

Just as thirst is quenched, boredom can also be quenched if you find that “something.”

You search and look for something that can make you stop feeling bored because your mind is motivating you to find something that is currently missing in your life.

I know that it is not so easy to go from seeing funny gifs to starting to develop a project that you are very passionate about, for example.

That’s why I made a list of activities (that have to do with languages, the main topic of this blog) that can serve as inspiration or even as a cure for boredom.

Let the links take you and surprise you, and give all the items on the list a try before looking for something else.

Change The Country To YouTube

Go to Youtube , ignore all the videos out there, and go to the bottom. You will see two signs with an arrow, one that says “Language” and next to it “Country”.Choose one of the countries where the language you are studying is spoken, go up the screen and in the center you will see an option that says “Videos of the moment”. Go there and play a video that catches your eye, just to see what happens.

If you are very curious about one, you can use it to practice your hearing and put it on play as many times as necessary until you understand it completely.

Optional: Also change the language of the YouTube interface so that signs such as “Home” or “Subscriptions” appear in the language that interests you.


Has YouTube already bored you? TED test . It’s in English, but as soon as you click on one of the videos, a box appears that says: “[number] languages “.

Watch a talk (or many) given by a brilliant person that falls into categories like ” jaw-dropping “, “fascinating”, “inspiring”, “beautiful” or “funny”.

I challenge you to find one that is not, at least, interesting. In case being a passive spectator bores you, you can help translate talks.


Since we are translating and contributing, the free encyclopedia gives you the opportunity to do so. Start by creating an account and, once you have it, make your user page (just click on your own name, up to the top). You can create a tower of Babel like this:

My Own Tower (Blurred …)

Or you can help proofread and translate articles. To make it a better experience, keep in mind that the texts you correct or translate should interest you.

If you don’t feel like doing that, you can simply click on ” Random Page ” and review alphabets that stand out from the list on the left.

I have thus learned to identify various languages, in addition to finding out where they are spoken and how they sound, the latter thanks to the help of …

Google Translate

I know that you already know the Google translator , but it is very likely that you have not used a tool that it has: the speech synthesizer.

It is one of the best synthesizers that I have news of (there are some very bad ones…).

To bring out its benefits, copy a text from Wikipedia in a language that you have been curious about how it sounds, paste it, and click on the speaker symbol.

Before that you must have the option “Detect language” activated in the box on the left.

The Ä button is also very good , which phonetically writes the words you hear for languages ​​not written with the Latin alphabet, such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

Oh by the way, you can see the translation on the right.

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